What is the difference between a virtual event and a hybrid event?

Whilst a virtual event is fully remote with all guests or attendees off-site, a hybrid event encompasses both on-site and virtual elements. Hybrid events allow you to engage key stakeholders in person, whilst accommodating a larger audience via a virtual component.


When you choose a hybrid event, were sure to follow strict social distancing measures to keep all guests and organisers safe.

How are your virtual events different?

Gone are the days of the basic webinar or grainy live stream – we’re here to offer you a production. We believe virtual events should captivate audiences like any good shows – that’s why we offer animation, lighting effects, and jingles to create a cohesive experience which is much, much more than a live video.

Should we create live or pre-recorded content?

We help you determine the best approach depending on your needs, and the format you want.


Pre-recorded content can have just as much success as a live event, and can still be screened at a set time to coincide with some live elements, such as a recorded presentation following a live Q&A. You may also find that developing pre-recorded content takes away some of the stress of hosting that can come with live events, especially with regard to presenting and technical risk. Whatever you choose, we’re on hand to help.

What are the benefits of a virtual event?

A virtual event helps you to stay current and in good communication with your stakeholders or target audience. During such a fractured social period, virtual events are an excellent means of keeping all eyes on you and helping you to reach a broader audience than ever before.


It’s important to note that virtual events are also completely scalable – there’s no restriction on space, and it’s far more cost-effective than hosting an on-site event. Plus, pre-recorded pieces also mean that, to a point, there’s no restriction on the screening time either.

How much does a virtual event cost?

This depends on how much content you want to include in your production, and the kinds of services and experiences you want to offer to your guests. Add-ons include items such as custom graphics and videos, and experiential elements such as live guest interaction. Pricing is bespoke for each project. You can contact the team for a quote.

How long should our virtual event be?

We advise clients not to expect the same schedule they’d ordinarily have for a live event. This is because remotely, it’s difficult to keep guests engaged the same way you would in person and on-site. We’ll help you to devise a shorter schedule which still includes all the key elements of your event.

Is there a maximum number of attendees?

Not at all! Virtual events allow you to engage with much larger audiences as you are not limited y venue capacity. However, we’ll advise you on the best number of attendees to help you get the maximum impact for your event.

Can a virtual event have different rooms or spaces?

Of course! There’s nothing stopping you from hosting a large event such as a conference or festival, with simultaneous keynote speakers in different rooms. This way, guests can choose which talk they’d like to be a part of.

Can sponsors be included in a virtual event?

Absolutely – we will customise all guest environments with relevant branding from your sponsor to ensure fair and effective sponsorship. This can include personalised banners and screens, virtual stands, and custom backgrounds. Whatever you need, we can create.